Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting to Meetings

How do I connect to a meeting?
Our meetings are conducted using Zoom. Just follow the link provided in the meeting schedule. If you have not yet downloaded the zoom app you will be prompted. For a more limited experience, you can connect without the app through your browser.

If you don't have a computer or smart phone, you can dial in from a phone using the phone number provided in the meeting schedule.
Can I get help getting connected?
Yes. If you start 15 minutes before the meeting, you can call the help number from the meeting schedule, and someone will walk you through the process.
When should I connect
If you have not connected with us before, it is recommended to start connecting 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.
What happens after I connect?
You will be placed in a waiting room and the host will let you in prior to the meeting. If you join after the meeting has started, you will be let in when there is a suitable break (so as not to disrupt someone who is sharing).
What if my computer doesn't have a camera?
It's ok, we just won't be able to see you, but you can see us, listen and talk.
What if my computer doesn't have a microphone?
You will have the option to connect via phone. If you are unsure, call the help number from the meeting schedule.

Website Questions

Who is responsible for this website?
This website was developed by the members of the Waitsburg Washington AA groups.
Are the meetings recorded?
No. We do not record or allow recording of the meetings. Having said that, could someone video their screen. Sure, the same way someone could record a face 2 face meeting. We ask that you respect people's privacy and please don't do that.
Can my group get their online meeting listed here?
Sure text me at 509-676-6363, and we'll make it happen.

7th Tradition

How do I contribute to the 7th tradition
We are currently working on that. We will have a way to contribute online at some point. In the meantime, we suggest you keep a jar handy and drop a buck in it each time you attend a meeting, and then contribute when there is a way to do it available.
Where does the money go?
Money will be used to defer actual expenses and anything left over will go to the AA service structure


Reboot before the meeting
Reboot your machine prior to the meeting and then only open necessary apps. The less you have going on the more likely you will have a smooth experience.
Keep your microphone muted
When you are not talking, keep you mic muted so that it is not distracting to others (especially if you have any background noise).
Raise your hand to talk
There is an option to raise your hand which will alert the host that you want to speak. Please use that feature and the host will call on you. If you are on a phone or tablet you may have to swipe left or right.